Will Trump Run in 2024? He’s Been Meeting With High-Profile Donors but So Far Hasn’t Asked for a Cent.

Al Teich/shutterstock.com

If Donald Trump plans on running again in 2024, when is the announcement coming? Trump has been courting some of his high-profile supporters with lavish dinners at intimate locations away for nosey journalists who might prematurely reveal his future plans. For now, let them speculate. 

The dinner meetings have so far taken Trump to Houston, Nashville, and Las Vegas. Trump’s close friend, billionaire casino owner Phil Ruffin, among others, has pushed the former president to announce his campaign without further delay, while some have suggested he wait until after the midterms. Regardless, they all agree that Trump should go for it.

Other Republican hopefuls have already made their presidential bids clear and are zipping around the country gathering support, and money. Trump prefers slow and steady as he quietly reassembles his team of powerful political movers and shakers. 

Some of the dinners have veered off of the upcoming campaign trail into other issues. In Nashville, country music star John Rich tangled with South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham over of all things, coronavirus vaccines. In Las Vegas, and not unexpected, the conversation turned to the upcoming Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Still, the conversations found their way back to the intent of the meetings. At the Nashville dinner meeting, hosted by the JW Marriot, Graham told Trump that if he plans to do this thing, now is the time to let it be known. Graham also made it clear that Trump would have his wholehearted support. 

The dinners have all been limited to no more than 16 people and they’ve included high-rolling donors, Republican candidates for other positions, and elected officials. Las Vegas’s meeting was held at the Trump International Hotel and was attended by real estate moguls Robert Zarnegin and Roger Norman, and the contender for Nevadas gubernatorial spot, Joe Lombardo. 

Ruffin, Zarnegin, and Norman separately donated in the high six to seven-figure range to Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign. But no money has been asked for this time out.

The meeting organizers said that Trump’s intent is to meet with his coveted clan of supporters in a casual environment to get their opinions only. He’s looking for feedback, even if it’s negative.

It’s been the unanimous contention of all the guests that the questionable election results of 2020 should be kicked to the curb. It’s a dead horse that needs to stay dead. It was suggested that he focus on what he has planned if once again elected.

If Trump’s name goes in the 2024 hat, he’ll likely be competing against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis who’s already having big wads of money tossed at him. Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton is also on the money-raising trail and he let his donors know that another Trump run wouldn’t stop him. 

If Trump is planning on running in 2024 he’s doing it his way. For now, he’s just collecting advice. but the final decision will ultimately be his to make. One thing is certain though, Trump might be keeping a low profile at present, but if he decides to once again descend down that gold escalator, he’ll announce his candidacy in a “yuge” way.