Zuckerberg Refuses to Allow FB Employees to Destroy America’s 1st Amendment as he Stands with Pres Trump

There is no denying how social media has taken over our lives. We can openly argue our political points without fear of receiving a blackened eye. We can express our feelings towards any matter we choose, no matter how controversial the issue.

We can reveal every aspect of our private lives to anyone who may take an interest. But. We get to say whatever we want to. No holds barred. If you’re thinking it, let your fingers do the talking.

While the previous paragraph might sound like a demeaning statement aimed at the demonic social media platforms, it is anything but. Sure us straight thinking American patriots are forced to tolerate the silly “Alice in Wonderland” antics and posts from our Dem friends in their fantasy lala-worlds, but isn’t it nice to be able to determine who’s stupid and who isn’t? And isn’t it fun to rub it in their faces each time President Donald J. Trump accomplishes one more of his promises? Come on. You’re among friends here. Admit it.

All of the nonsense aside, America has a problem. Social Media platforms do more than just allow us to post funny memes and pics of our dinners. They serve as an instant open line of communication, but more importantly, they are concrete examples of our 1st Amendment rights on full and brilliant display.

The freedom to say whatever the hell we want to, whenever the hell we choose to, to whomever the hell we choose to say it to, period, the end. Our founding fathers gifted us with this right, and now the liberals are wanting to give it back after all of this time.

Twitter, our President’s favorite platform for reaching the masses, has recklessly decided they simply cannot allow the President of the United States, the most respected position in the world, to tell his people, or the world, what they need to hear about, coming directly from the top.

Twitter claims our president is spewing fake information and purposely stirring his so-called “fanbase” up by warning them of things to come. Warning us? The man is telling it to America like it is without a bunch of stupid fluff. And of the many things President Trump knows very well, he is incredibly aware of how his supporters won’t buy fluff. Ever.

The King of all social media platforms, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, a staunch supporter of our nation’s 1st Amendment right, isn’t having any of this censorship stuff. His company won’t have any part of it. Zuckerberg and Trump have had many civil conversations, and there appears to be mutual respect between the two concerning their major successes in the world of business. They get it.

They know how things work. In a manner of speaking, they’re both in the “people” business, and they are both fully aware of how censorship is not only unethical, it’s illegal. It’s communistic in no other terms, and America is, and shall forever remain, the land of the free.

And though Zuckerberg has bravely held his stance, some of his little snowflake employees don’t want to read their big bad president’s horrible words, and naturally assuming everyone is in tune with their way of thinking, have concluded, nobody else should have to either. Even if they want to. This small band of FB renegades would rather make their users choices for them.

They would rather ban all posts not adhering to their own personal convictions. And though Zuckerberg has politely asked Trump if he would perhaps tone it down a bit, it was never a requirement, it was a request to keep his employees tamed. Not all of them mind you. Most of them agree with the Chief, but they aren’t the ones creating a ruckus so the media couldn’t care less.

In a recent meeting with FB employees, one of them astonishingly asked their leader, in efforts to put Zuckerberg on the spot, how many black employees were involved in the decision to not take down any of Trump’s hateful posts. With a barely visible smirk, he replied, “just one.” But this one person just happened to have been the companies Global Diversity Officer, Maxine Williams, a black woman. Boom! Next question?

The pretty teeny-bopper employees at FB are still complaining, threatening a walkout, crying in each other’s milk, and saying they’re going to quit, but we all know they won’t. They’re just blowing hot stinky air and smelling the place up.

The 1st Amendment needs to be protected. It is one of the most, if not THE most, important rights we have as citizens of this great land, and we cannot allow social media to blatantly destroy it.

Zuckerberg is standing with Trump, and Trump is standing with Zuckerberg. Twitter on the other hand… Long may she wave. You know what to do this coming November.